Llantrithyd gas test drilling fears at deer park

Two councils are being asked to back exploratory gas drilling bids, prompting opponents' fears of potential future extraction through fracking.

The Vale of Glamorgan council and Rhondda Cyon Taf have been asked to consider borehole drilling at four separate sites by Coastal Oil and Gas.

The plans are recommended for approval. Council officers say it is not an indication on future fracking plans.

Gerwyn Williams, director of Coastal Oil and Gas, insisted that the case for shale gas extraction was growing.

"Shale gas extraction offers us a secure and viable solution to boost our economy, create significant employment and lead the way towards energy self-sufficiency for the whole of the UK," he said.

"What is needed now is a better understanding of the industry and the process, in order to enable communities and the wider public to allay concerns and enjoy the process's many benefits."

Maria Leijerstam from Llantrithyd Deer Park outlines her concerns for exploratory drilling in the village in the Vale of Glamorgan amid concerns for the herd and the surrounding area.

Fracking fears over drilling bids