Judge recognises Brexit 'situation remains fluid'
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Lord Carloway says court recognise Brexit issue 'remains fluid'

A Scottish court has delayed a decision on whether to sign a letter requesting a Brexit extension if Prime Minister Boris Johnson refuses to do so.

Campaigners asked the judges to agree to enforce legislation passed by MPs aimed at preventing a no-deal exit.

Judge Lord Carloway told court: "The situation remains fluid. What is known is that over the next two weeks circumstances will inevitably change. If 19th October comes and goes without either of the two conditions in the 2019 act having been satisfied, and in the absence of a letter - of the letter - which the PM would then be required to send, the petitioners would be entitled to return to court and seek an order ordaining the PM to comply with the terms of the 2019 act within a prescribed and possibly very shortly period."

  • 09 Oct 2019