Unequal Scotland: Zero hours contracts
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Unequal Scotland: Zero hours contracts

If you line up all Scots based on what they earn, there's a typical 100 of us - the gap between the highest 1% of earners and all the rest of us has been growing.

Last year, the top earner in that 1% had income of more than £8m - that's over £150,000 a week.

In the top 10 of our typical hundred Scots will earn more than £880 a week.

And the lowest-income 10 get less than £236 - most of that in welfare payments.

Amanda Jane Richards owns a boutique in Dundee. She employs three people on zero hours contracts.

She says the flexibility helps her manage the level of staffing her business needs.

"It helps me because we can be busy one month and not so busy the next.

"I try to give my staff a minimum of hours every week, although they are not contracted to that.

"I don't give them the minimum wage, I give them slightly over. If everyone had a better wage, then potentially we would see more foot flow.

"I would love to pay my staff £12, £15, even £20 per hour... But it's just not feasible. We don't have enough income to be able to pay that amount of money."

  • 14 Nov 2016