Retired racing star Franchitti says concussion changed his personality

Scotland's four-times IndyCar champion Dario Franchitti has told the BBC that his first concussion sustained in a racing crash 16 years ago changed his personality "permanently".

Speaking to presenter John Beattie, the 43-year-old said his easy-going nature was altered after the smash which saw him suffering injuries to discs in his neck.

He explained: "The first time I had a big concussion in 2000 my personality, I felt, completely changed afterwards.

"Years later I brought this up with my brother. I said to Marino [fellow racing driver], I think this happened but he said he hadn't noticed.

"But from the inside it felt different. I just think I was a lot more serious not as easy going [after the crash]."

Franchitti, who is originally from Bathgate and retired from racing three years ago, urged anyone who had been concussed to monitor their condition in the long term and to seek help.

"Go and get checked out, you are not a hypochondriac," he added.