One man's tribute to his faithful guide dog
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Reporter's tribute to his guide dog Renton

A central four-legged character in the BBC Scotland newsroom passed away at the end of June.

Guide dog Renton had been reporter Ian Hamilton's companion until he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Renton accompanied Ian on all sorts of assignments over the past six years and his death has left "a huge hole" for Ian, his family, friends and colleagues.

Ian pays tribute to Renton in this short film and talks about the difficulties of life without a guide dog.


Ian speaks:

At the end of June, my guide dog Renton had to be put to sleep after he was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer.

But this short film is not meant to be sad, it's more of a celebration of his life and what he meant to my mobility.

Woman speaking in the background:

So, this is Renton. He's 48kgs so there's a substantial amount of dog there.

Ian speaking in the background:

Shall we harness up and go for a bit of a test drive then?

Nice and steady, good boy.

Ian speaks:

Over the past six years, Renton and I have spent many hours on the road with various camera crews and producers reporting for BBC Scotland.

Two seats were removed from the back of the crew car to give Renton a bit more space and with his safety harness on, and the camera man in position in the driver's seat ofcourse, we would all hit the road.

Renton was certainly a well-trained dog but he didn't always do what he was told.

He certainly did have a mind of his own, particularly if he spotted something a bit more interesting.

Renton was a larger-than-life character and he certainly left a big hole among our family and friends.

But there's also a more personal practical problem.

Now that I have no guide dog, I'm going to have to get my white stick out and I'm not that good with it, particularly when I come across street furniture and it can be a bit painful.

Tribute to Renton:

Renton 2008 - 2016

  • 14 Jul 2016