Jim Sillars and Alex Salmond
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Scottish independence: Sillars' plan B is a Scottish currency

A key campaigner for Scottish independence has said an independent Scotland should have its own currency.

Jim Sillars said First Minister Alex Salmond, who wants an independent Scotland to keep the pound in a currency union with the rest of the UK, was not the leader of "Yes" campaign.

Mr Sillars, a former deputy leader of the SNP, told the BBC: "Plan B, separate Scottish currency, perfectly normal answer. It happens all over the world, why shouldn't we do it?"

The leaders of the main Westminster parties have said they would not back a currency union in the event of a "Yes" vote in the 18 September referendum and have urged Mr Salmond to name a currency "Plan B".

During question time in Holyrood, Mr Salmond reiterated his position in favour of keeping the pound, telling MSPs: "It's Scotland's pound, it doesn't belong to George Osborne, it doesn't belong to Ed Balls, it's Scotland's pound and we're keeping it".

  • 07 Aug 2014