Denis Goldberg talks of Rivonia trial and 'inspirational' Mandela

South Africa's most famous trial - the Rivonia hearing at Pretoria's Supreme Court - began 50 years ago this week.

On the list of 10 men on trial for their lives, first was Nelson Mandela, the second Walter Sisulu, and third, the only white accused, Denis Goldberg.

As part of the underground military wing of the ANC he was found guilty of armed resistance to the apartheid government and sentenced to four terms of live imprisonment. He served 22 years in Pretoria's Central Prison.

This week Mr Goldberg has been in Scotland celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela being awarded the freedom of Glasgow. He has remained friends with the former president throughout his life.

In an interview with Isabel Fraser on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland radio programme he told of being called to Mr Mandela's bedside during his recent stay in hospital.