Scottish independence: Jeremy Purvis answers your questions

The leader of the campaign to win new powers for the Scottish Parliament has said he is "enthusiastic" that the pro-union parties will be able to agree on which new responsibilities could be devolved to Holyrood.

Ahead of the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, Jeremy Purvis of the Devo Plus group, urged parties to say what would happen regarding Holyrood powers, if the public voted "no".

Voters will be asked a straight yes/no question on independence, come the 2014 referendum.

The Scottish government budget is currently funded by the UK Treasury and many financial powers are reserved, leading some to argue that Scotland is not properly accountable for the money it spends.

Devo Plus has proposed that Holyrood, as part of the UK, could raise most of its own money by 2020 and has urged Labour, the Tories and Liberal Democrats to agree proposals before the referendum and include them in their manifestoes for the 2015 UK election.

Speaking in the latest of a series of BBC webcasts on Scotland's future, Mr Purvis said the three parties had all been considering options to strengthen devolution.

The former Liberal Democrat MSP, who has also spoken in support of the Better Together campaign to keep the Union, said: "As a member of a devo plus group, a cross-party group, working with other parties, I'm also enthusiastic that the work that they are doing bodes very well for the future."

The SNP argues that only independence can give Scotland the powers it needs to flourish.

If you want to find out more about the independence debate go to the Scotland's future website.