EU renegotiation: All Cameron 'will catch is tiddlers'

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron's renegotiations with European leaders are likely to result in only small concessions, Lord Lawson has told BBC HARDtalk.

Mr Cameron had "gone fishing and he will catch whatever fish he can" he said.

"My guess is all he will catch is tiddlers," Lord Lawson added.

Mr Cameron is seeking to renegotiate the terms of UK membership with other EU leaders before calling a referendum for voters to decide whether the UK should remain in the EU.

Lord Lawson is president of the Conservatives for Britain group which will be campaigning for the UK to leave the EU.

The deadline for the referendum to be held is the end of 2017.

Watch the full interview on BBC World News on Wednesday 13 January 2016 at 16:30 and 20:30 GMT and on the BBC News Channel on Wednesday 13 January 2016 at 20:30 GMT and Thursday 14 January at 00:30 GMT.