UKIP burka ban: Muslim veil women 'easy scapegoats'

The assistant secretary general for the Muslim Council of Wales, Sahar Al-Faifi, has defended wearing a face veil, saying it is an "act of worship".

UKIP has pledged to ban burkas or niqabs because they are a "potent symbol of female oppression" and a "security risk".

Ms Al-Faifi, who has worn a niqab since she was 14, said it was a "false narrative" to suggest a face veil was a security threat.

Speaking to the Victoria Derbyshire show, she said: "It suits the context that we live to demonise and scapegoat minorities and the easiest target for that is the Muslim woman."

She said empowering Muslim women should involve supporting their right to "express their faith in the way they want".

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