Farage on obscene Trump remarks: People do talk like that
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Farage on obscene Trump remarks: 'People do talk like that'

Nigel Farage says obscene remarks made about women by US presidential candidate Donald Trump are “the sort of thing that some men do”.

The UKIP interim leader said it was “all well and good for the media to moralise” but “a lot of people do talk like that” and say “all sorts of boastful things to each other”.

Asked by BBC Radio 5 live’s Rachel Burden if he would find such comments acceptable “around a pub table,” Mr Farage said: “No. I’ve heard it many times throughout my life and I’ve always felt slightly awkward by it”.

Mr Trump's remarks, made 11 years ago, have led at least 33 senior Republicans to withdraw their support from his presidential bid. Mr Trump said the words “don't reflect who I am... I apologise".

  • 10 Oct 2016