Maria Miller and Kellie Maloney on 'de-gendering' passports

There is a "real change" in public opinion recognising that gender is a "fluid thing", Maria Miller, chairwoman of Parliament's Women and Equalities Committee has said.

She was speaking to the Daily Politics on the day her committee published a report calling for more to be done to achieve transgender equality in the UK.

Among the report's 30 recommendations is for an option for people to record their gender as 'X' - rather than male or female - in their passport and other official documents.

"Trans people feel it can be difficult for them to put themselves into a male/female pigeon hole, and we don’t think it necessarily always adds much to the information the government is collecting," Ms Miller said.

But former boxing promoter Kellie Maloney said: “I was so pleased to be able to put my passport as a female, and my driving licence. It was something I really wanted to do.”