Labour MP: Fisheries minister not 'a job for a woman'

Labour MP Frank Doran has said it was not sexist to say he was unsure whether the post of fisheries minister was a "job for a woman".

Recalling previous debates, the Aberdeen North MP said he could not remember if there had ever been a female fisheries minister.

Sheryll Murray, the Conservative MP for South East Cornwall, intervened to say there had not, "but we have had former female secretaries of state".

Mr Doran acknowledged she was right, but said there was "no dedicated fisheries minister".

To audible gasps, he added: "I'm not sure it is a job for a woman, although the honourable lady might reach that."

Hearing the reaction around the chamber, Mr Doran added: "That was not a sexist remark. I know the fishing industry very well."

Mr Doran later issued an apology, saying it was an error of judgment which did not represent his or Labour's view.