Daily Politics mood box on Nigel Farage
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Nigel Farage: Voters' views on UKIP leader as future PM

UKIP now has two MPs and has been rising in the polls, but do people see the party as a serious political force or just a protest vote?

While most commentators think the 2015 general election will see David Cameron or Ed Miliband in 10 Downing Street, some may be thinking about Nigel Farage's suitability for the job.

Reporter Giles Dilnot took the Daily Politics mood box - an unscientific test with a bin and plastic balls - to the streets of London to see what commuters, visitors and residents made of the UKIP leader.

UKIP's support is often higher in coastal seats, and the eastern flank of England, and London is one of its poorer performing areas.

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  • 25 Nov 2014
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