Justine Roberts and Nigel Evans
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MPs at PMQs behaviour: Justine Roberts and Nigel Evans

The behaviour of MPs at PMQs turns off viewers, and the weekly session needs reform says Mumsnet, which has collected 50,000 names on a petition calling for reform.

Justine Roberts said the stage-managed event was putting people off politics, and she reckoned it was not a ratings' winner.

But former deputy speaker Nigel Evans said the Wednesday sittings were the most-watched sessions in Parliament, but he agreed it could benefit from being moved to the evening.

The Tory MP said it was a most-trending event on twitter, and had a big following in the USA where "they find it absolutely fascinating".

Thy spoke to Jo Coburn on the Daily Politics, along with Times columnist Phil Collins.

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  • 01 Jul 2014
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