Britain First's leader Paul Golding on BNP breakaway

The leader of Britain First, standing candidates in next week's European elections, explained how he and "hundreds of others" left the British National Party to set up their own party.

Paul Golding described his party as a "street defence organisation" opposed to radical extremists, and was highlighting issues including female genital mutilation, Muslim patrols in east London, and gangs grooming children for sex.

He spoke to Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics, after a film from reporter Adam Fleming showing party footage, and said: "We want to stand apart from groups like the EDL".

Mr Golding said he was "entirely proud" of his past arrests, and claimed that those who stand up for their country "face politically-correct pressure from the state".

He was also asked about a photograph of him wearing underpants on his head at a Remembrance Service event, and the upset caused to the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby over using his name on ballot papers.

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