Graphic representing the UK's European election results in 2004
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Euro Moments: UKIP surge in 2004 European elections

This is part of a series of clips from the BBC archives on the subject of the UK and the EU - this clip from BBC News, was first broadcast 14 June 2004

The UK Independence Party quadrupled its number of MEPs at the 2004 European elections, while Labour and the Conservatives see their share of the vote fall to historic lows.

The Eurosceptic party increased its number of seats from 3 to 12, coming third in front of the Liberal Democrats.

The surge in support for UKIP, which doubled its 1999 election vote, had a considerable impact on the two main parties.

The Conservatives polled their lowest level of support in any nationwide election since 1832, but remained the largest party at the election.

Labour also saw its share of the vote fall, by 6% to 23% - its lowest since 1910.

The Liberal Democrats won an extra 2 seats, taking its total to 12. But it was pushed into fourth place behind UKIP on share of the vote.

The turnout, at 39%, was a record high for a European vote in Britain.

  • 26 May 2014