Rory Bremner
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Rory Bremner on the comedy of Scottish independence

Edinburgh-born Rory Bremner said there was "surprisingly little" comedy in the Scottish independence issue, and those who had tried had received internet abuse.

The impressionist said he did not want to be intimidated by the reaction to jokes on the subject, following his TV programme on the subject.

And he said Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson being a lesbian kick boxer was "fantastic", but "made Theresa May look a bit dull".

Mr Bremner reckoned there were parts of Scotland where it was "easier to come out as being gay than it is to come out as being a unionist" in his This Week debate with Andrew Neil, Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo.

He made the Rory Goes to Holyrood programme for BBC Scotland.

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Rory Bremner

  • 29 Nov 2013
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