European Commission on EU migrants and welfare in UK

Britain benefits from EU migrants as they are "net contributors to the UK welfare system" said a European Commission spokesman.

Jonathan Todd told the BBC the number of "non-actives" among migrants was 30% - compared to 43% of British nationals - with the lower figure due to the foreigners tending to be younger, and of working age.

He said: "They pay more in tax and social security than they receive in welfare benefits, or in healthcare."

The European Commission report said more than 600,000 non-active EU migrants were living in the UK - equivalent of a city the size of Glasgow - and that included school pupils, retired people, those taking time out to raise children and job seekers.

The commission is taking action against the UK for applying extra rules and "unfairly depriving people - many of whom have worked in the UK for many years - of benefits".

He said other EU states had concerns about migrants, but they were different to fears in Britain.

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