UKIP: Amjad Bashir on Heseltine and media racist claims

UKIP's spokesman on small business said the media were "doing no good service to this country" with claims of racism about his party.

Amjad Bashir was responding to comments on Wednesday's Daily Politics from ex-deputy PM Lord Heseltine that UKIP was a racist party.

The candidate, with a Pakistani background, told the Daily Politics panel: "Here I am, look at my ethnicity."

He said UKIP was a "disciplined party" and suggested its number of MEPs could rise from 12 at the last election to "over 30" in next year's European polls.

Angered over a Times image of Nigel Farage with a moustache, he said to Times columnist Phil Collins: "You cannot treat us like this, Would you do that with David Cameron? Would you show a front-page picture of David Cameron with a Hitler-type moustache?"

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