Andrew Neil and Tommy Robinson
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EDL leader Tommy Robinson on convictions and Muslims

The leader of the English Defence League (EDL) said he used different identities after threats of violence to himself and his family, which meant he had to live a "two-tier life."

Tommy Robinson admitted previous membership of the BNP but said he left after a year, and that he hated Nazis and fascists.

Asked about his background, including previous convictions, he said: "I am a working class man from Luton. I have made mistakes in my life...I have done things I am not proud of."

But he told Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics: "There is a massive undercurrent of anger across the country, I have got my finger on the pulse. People are angry."

The EDL leader claimed there were 800 radicalised Muslims leaving jail each year, who were a threat to the UK who was not being addressed or tackled.


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  • 17 Jun 2013
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