Boris Johnson: Michael Cockerell on mayor documentary

The journalist behind a BBC2 documentary on Boris Johnson said he was "surprised it was making such large waves" as he described his subject as a "canny player of the political game".

Michael Cockerell claimed "a lot of it is calculated in terms of the bumbling image" as he spoke of the rare TV interview with the mayor of London's mother, and how he spoke to Mr Johnson's sister, father and people from his history.

Deputy mayor Munira Mirza said the documentary should have picked up more on the his record in office.

But Mr Cockerell assured and her viewers who think there was new information and they would "learn quite a lot" in the Boris Johnson: The Irresistible Rise on BBC2 from 21:00 GMT, on BBC HD from 23:20 on Monday, and later on BBCiPlayer.

Eddie Mair's full interview with Boris Johnson

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