Boris Johnson on The Andrew Marr Show: Full interview

Ahead of a BBC documentary about him, Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said "people just don't care" about his past, adding they have greater interest in the economy.

Interviewed by Eddie Mair on The Andrew Marr Show, Johnson said the UK economy benefited from the influx of "skilled workers around the world" but this led to a "real indignation" among UK workers.

The Mayor admitted there was a lack of planning ahead of the financing of the Olympic Stadium in Stratford but said the deal to allow West Ham United to play at the venue would help provide £10m a year to the taxpayer.

Johnson, talking about a BBC Two documentary, dismissed his sacking by The Times, and by Michael Howard, and agreeing to supply the address of a journalist whom a friend wished to 'beat up' as unfair representations.

Asked about ambitions to be Prime Minister, Johnson said he wished to serve his remaining time as Mayor and secure a Conservative win at the next general election and added speculation over his career was a "measure of the triviality" in politics.

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