Army on N Ireland streets 'inconceivable' says Villiers

The idea that British troops will return to the streets of Northern Ireland is "inconceivable", said Theresa Villiers.

The Conservative Northern Ireland secretary told Andrew Neil about the current situation: "We will continue to give the PSNI and its partners all the help that they need in combating this threat."

Speaking ahead of the G8 Conference in Co Fermanagh, she said the prime minister wanted to showcase Northern Ireland as a great place to visit, work, study and do business, adding it had been "transformed" over the last 20 years.

They also spoke about polling suggesting Conservative voters expect a Labour majority at the next general election and how the "vast majority" of the UK population saw a need to cut the deficit.

And she admitted it was a mistake to be one of two shadow ministers after the 2010 general election who opposed her party joining the Liberal Democrats in a coalition, adding: "I was wrong. I was definitely wrong."

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