Housing benefit: Bedroom tax or spare room subsidy?

The prime minister is adamant that changes to housing benefit are not a tax, but a "spare room subsidy", while Labour raises the so-called "bedroom tax" weekly at Prime Minister's Questions.

From April, working-age people renting from councils or housing associations face losing up to a quarter of their housing benefit if officials decide they have more bedrooms than they need.

Ministers say it will free up homes for thousands of families living in overcrowded conditions. But Labour - while agreeing the housing benefit bill needs to be cut - claim it is a cash raid on the poor.

David Thompson heard from Labour MP Helen Goodman who said it will have a "really devastating impact", while Conservative MP Margot James reckoned it was "outrageous" for Labour to complain when it built too few homes in government.

Housing benefit changes debate: Campbell Robb and Jake Berry

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