Vote 2012: Warsi suggests UKIP rise linked to BNP slump

The co-chair of the Conservative Party, Baroness Warsi, has suggested that UKIP's increase in council candidates has coincided with a drop in the number of BNP candidates.

Speaking on the BBC's election night coverage she said that she "wasn't sure" whether there was a link between the two parties but that the candidate numbers were "interesting".

UKIP's deputy leader Paul Nuttall later responded to her comments, he said her comments were "disgraceful" and "a sign that the Conservatives are very scared of UKIP."

More than 4,700 seats are up for grabs on 128 English councils. All 21 unitary authorities in Wales are electing new councillors while counting in Scotland - where every seat on 32 unitary authorities is also up for election - will not begin until later on Friday.

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