Coronavirus: 'Everyone has an opportunity to be a hero'

A senior doctor in charge of one of Northern Ireland's busiest Emergency Department's says members of the public have the opportunity "to be heroes, and save lives", by following restrictions to public life.

Dr Sean McGovern from the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald is a consultant in emergency medicine.

Describing the mood in his department, he said: "It's quiet anticipation of what's ahead. We're clearly seeing a number of patients who have coronavirus but normal business has been reduced by nearly 50%.

"That gives an opportunity to train, to prepare and to anticipate what lies ahead.

"What we think from what the graphs indicate, we're going to have a significant amount of people presenting with respiratory distress, and will need oxygen support.

"This is everyone's opportunity to be a hero and save a life. We all know people who are vulnerable, and therefore it's your opportunity to save their life by staying in, staying safe, and staying calm."