'Why should I apologise? Insulin keeps me alive'
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Type 1 diabetes: 'Why should I apologise?'

Jayne McGlaughlin has type 1 diabetes.

The condition is a result of the pancreas failing to produce enough insulin which results in deregulated blood sugar levels.

These can be altered depending on each individual's diet and their level of physical activity.

To treat the condition, type 1 diabetics inject an amount of insulin according to their specific need.

Ms McGlaughlin says some people hold misconceptions about the condition.

"People sometimes stare at me or tut when I inject," she told BBC News NI.

"There needs to be a better understanding that someone's not taking insulin for show.

"They're doing it because it keeps them alive."

Video Journalist: Tori Watson

  • 14 Sep 2019
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