Music graduate with cerebral palsy prepares for Sage show

Sarah Fisher is a multi-instrumental musician with cerebral palsy but when she plays she says her disability disappears.

The 23-year-old, who has just gained a first class music degree, is now preparing for her own show called Twitch at the Sage in Gateshead.

The musician, who is originally from Bedfordshire but moved to the region to study at Sage Gateshead, said: “Music has been part of my physiotherapy since I was five.

“While I was studying for my degree I started taking medication to reduce the stiffness caused by cerebral palsy.

"It worked but my left arm started to make involuntary movements. They were small at first but soon I couldn’t control my arm.

"The only time it stopped was when I was playing music. It taught me that there could be a way of controlling it in my everyday life."

Ms Fisher said a sense of humour and speaking about her condition has inspired her to teach and perform.

She said: "You can have a disability and laugh, it’s not a bad thing. I want everyone who comes along to the show to have a laugh and enjoy the music.

“My disability plays a big part in the kind of musician I am today because I adapt how I play and teach. I always describe myself as a musician with a disability.”