'Amazing' waterspout off Suffolk coast
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'Amazing' waterspout off Suffolk coast

A waterspout spiralling above the sea in Suffolk provided a stunning sight on Saturday.

The weather phenomenon, which is similar to a tornado, could be seen swirling at the coast off Thorpeness and Aldeburgh.

Barrie Hayter was at a wedding reception when he managed capture this video of the event.

Meteorologist and BBC Look East weather forecaster Dan Holley said: "Essentially a waterspout is just a tornado, but over water.

"Both begin life as a funnel cloud - a rotating column of air underneath a shower or thunderstorm - which, once it's extended to the ground becomes a tornado if it's on land, or named a waterspout if over water.

"On Saturday, we had a line of wind convergence where north-westerly winds inland met an easterly sea breeze from the North Sea.

"Where the two opposing winds meet, the air gets forced upwards to create showers, and with a little spin can occasionally create funnel clouds."

  • 01 Aug 2016