Hedgehog heroine from Staffordshire gets welfare award

A woman from Cheslyn Hay in Staffordshire has been recognised with an international animal welfare award for her work in rescuing thousands of hedgehogs.

Joan Lockley, 71, saved her first hedgehog, named Spike, 15 years ago. She cares for up to 500 hedgehogs a year in a "Hedgehog Hosprickal" in her back garden. When they are well she releases them back into the wild.

The award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare honours her dedication. The presentation will be made at an Animal Action Awards event at the House of Lords.

"I'm in my own bubble here working 19-hour days with the hedgehogs... and never thought others would notice enough to think me worthy of an award," she said. "It's lovely that they have and also a nice thank you for my volunteers who will also be thrilled."