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New Sheffield cycle lane slows ambulance's journey

This footage shows the moment ambulance staff were held up by bollards as they attempted to pass traffic using a new temporary cycle lane.

Paramedics had to get out of the vehicle to move the bollards of their way on Shalesmoor in the city centre.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: "From time to time ambulances may have difficulty with stationary traffic or lane closures when they are on their way to an emergency.

"Staff will do what they can to progress their journey to reach a patient as safely and quickly as possible."

The temporary cycle lane has been criticised online.

Councillor Bob Johnson, cabinet member for transport at Sheffield City Council, said the temporary link was created to give people the space and infrastructure to walk and cycle.

"We will continue to monitor the temporary cycle lane scheme and ensure that, if required, necessary changes are made so it operates as effectively as possible."

Clarification and update 20 July 2020: This article has been amended to better explain the circumstances shown in the video and updated to include a response from the ambulance service.