Magnetic hearing aid
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Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital patient first for magnetic hearing aid

A Sheffield hospital has become the first place to offer a new type of hearing aid that attaches to the skull using magnets.

Royal Hallamshire Hospital patient Zoe Holmes, the first person in the country to be offered the new hearing aid, said being able to hear from both sides after so long was "emotional".

The magnet on the hearing aid attaches to another that is surgically implanted under the scalp behind the ear.

The device conducts sound vibrations through the bone directly to the inner ear.

Ear, nose and throat consultant Jaydip Ray said: "The patient's involvement in the aftercare is minimal or nil. Once the hearing aid is under the scalp there's no day to day looking after needed at all."

There are plans to offer magnetic hearing aids to patients in the rest of the UK.

  • 01 Jan 2014