Cooling tower demolition plans explained
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Ironbridge power station cooling tower demolition explained

The bridge isn't the only landmark in Ironbridge Gorge. The nearby power station's cooling towers have stood since 1969 but they are scheduled for demolition. This video explains why.

The subject has generated a lot of debate on the BBC Shropshire Facebook page.

Tom Rochester is in favour of knocking them down, writing: "People are strange aren't they. Build anything like these now and people complain. Demolish them now and people complain. People just don't like change I suppose."

Sharon Jones said she wanted to keep them: "We can't let them be demolished. It's my all time high when I see them. It's a big part of Ironbridge."

Some readers described them as a "blot on the landscape" or an "eyesore", but others suggested they would look good if they were illuminated.

  • 27 Jan 2017