'Pavement parking frightens me'

A 13-year-old boy, who is blind, wants to raise awareness of the issues caused by parked vehicles on pavements.

Ted, from Nottinghamshire, has Stickler syndrome - which caused his retinas to detach resulting in him becoming blind at the age of two.

Ted, who is learning to walk using a cane, said: "I don't feel safe going out when I might have to walk straight on to the road around a car."

Pavement parking has been banned in London since 1974 but there are petitions to make it illegal elsewhere.

A spokesperson for charity Guide Dogs said: "It’s time for the UK Parliament to create a new law to end pavement parking and keep all pedestrians safe.

"Pavement parking is one of the biggest obstacles stopping people with sight loss getting out and about. Without a clear law, very little will change."

Video journalist: Chris Waring

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