Working from home: 'Why not work in the car?'

A support worker who relocated her office to her car during lockdown has said she plans to continue working there.

Donna Powell, from Bakersfield, Nottingham, turned her Ford Focus, usually parked on her driveway, into her office during the first lockdown when she was working from home.

"I had a lot of building work taking place and it was so noisy, so distracting... and it started really with me coming out and saying, 'You know what? I'm going to take the call in the car'," she said.

"I have a nice throw to keep me warm and my children bring me hot drinks. I don't know when we plan to return to the office but I'm happy to continue here for now.

"During the first lockdown, the house started to feel a bit like a prison so I appreciated the change of scenery."

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