Coronavirus: Trapped cat 'put on weight in lockdown'

A relieved cat owner has described the moment her tabby was rescued after becoming stuck in a tight spot in her home.

Vicky Palmer said she discovered Barney, her seven-year-old feline, was trapped between the conservatory and the neighbours' wall after hearing "yowling" noises.

After putting an appeal for help on Facebook, Dr Palmer was contacted by Mark Chaplin, a uPVC service engineer, who freed the stricken cat.

"I thought it's the least I can do," Mark said.

Dr Palmer, from Beeston, Nottinghamshire, said she thinks Barney may have got stuck while chasing a mouse.

"He must have put on some weight during the lockdown," she added.

She added that she and Mr Chaplin kept at least 2m apart while he carried out the work. "We just did it automatically. I reckon we all do now," she said.