Wicksteed Park: 'Theme park administration brings tears to my eyes'

Visitors to a theme park have expressed their fondest memories and fears for its future after it fell into administration.

Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire - one of the oldest theme parks in the UK - said the coronavirus lockdown had taken a toll on its business and the charity that owns it is raising funds to keep going.

Hundreds of people got in touch with the BBC to express their sadness and some spoke via video call, saying the news was "gutting".

"It's so sad it brings tears to my eyes," said Cathy Lammie, who used to go with her children seven times a year.

Jason Redhead, a music teacher in Kettering where the park is based, said he was organising a "12-hour non-stop music-a-thon" to raise money.

"Wicksteed Park is so important to each and every one of us," said the father-of-two.

BBC News