Hairdressers train staff to spot signs of domestic abuse

Hairdressers are being trained to spot signs that their clients might be the victims of domestic abuse.

The owner of Beau salon in Norwich came up with the idea after she became aware of a law being introduced in America which requires hairdressers to undergo similar training.

Rachel Buck, who also works with Leeway, a Norwich-based charity helping victims of domestic abuse, says hairdressers are not being asked to become therapists, just to encourage their clients to get help.

"When I saw that Illinois had brought about a landmark decision to tackle domestic abuse I decided that it would be a good opportunity for me to bring the two areas of my life together," she said.

Helen Burrows, of Leeway, said: "The most dangerous point in a relationship where there's domestic abuse happening is the point of leaving.

"So the hairdressers will be able to support that person, explain that this is a dangerous time and that there is help out there."