'Why we rent out our colourful homes for photoshoots'

Londoners are turning their homes into colourful "Instagrammable" destinations.

Why? There is a growing demand for aesthetically pleasing spaces that stand out from the rest, something that's caused a boom in business for home designers.

One couple, Nikki Griffiths and Luke Moseley, have transformed their rundown 1960s terrace in Streatham into a Palm Springs haven. Their bright house is hard to miss among the mainly near-identical rows of homes on Tierney Road.

And the Palm Residence, a Victorian terrace in Sydenham with vintage tropicana vibes, is proving to be a hit with businesses wanting a vibrant backdrop for photoshoots.

For those thinking these kind of transformations are unattainable, homeowner Hannah Grace Lodge says you would be surprised what you can do even with a small budget.

Video by Sarah Lee and Gem O'Reilly