Housing shortages: '500 families' may have to leave city

More than 500 families in one part of London could be sent to live in other parts of the country because of changes to benefits and housing shortages, research by BBC London suggests.

Tower Hamlets Council says it is struggling to cope with people unable to pay their rent.

In the rest of London, 931 families have been moved out of the city to places including Birmingham, Bradford and Peterborough.

Tower Hamlets resident Abu Suhel discusses his options while councillor Rabina Khan, Independent from Tower Hamlets Council, says people need to be brought back to London.

Newham resident Fatima says she "froze and burst into tears" when she was offered a place in Birmingham while solicitor Jane Pritchard said people were willing to move outside of their area as long as they moved to a commutable area.

Councillor James Swindlehurst, a Labour member of Slough Council said it was "picking up the pieces" as it had placed 77 families from London.

In a statement, the government said no council should be sending families to a different part of the country.