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Bradford author's asexual rewrite of classic stories

Bradford author Elizabeth Hopkinson says her asexuality helps her create new twists on old tales.

The writer, who also pens her own stories, says her asexuality means that she can associate with the thwarted love stories of her characters.

She said: "I'm what's known as a romantic asexual which means I do experience feelings of romance, of wanting to be in a romantic relationship, with a person.

"I've always had that feeling very strongly. I don't experience the sexual attraction, the sexual desire. To me it's kind of got nothing to do with romance.

"So I can write about a woman made of ice, living in a tower, who's in love with a merman she can never have."

This video was created as part of We Are Bradford - a BBC project with the people of the city to tell the stories which matter to them.