Ediswan light bulb still glowing in Heysham after 130 years

A light bulb which was first turned on in 1883 is still shining at a house in Lancashire.

The Ediswan bulb is owned by Beth Crook, of Heysham, who said it was passed down to her from a relative.

The 79-year-old said her mother-in-law had taken the bulb to school in 1893 "to crochet around" and since then, it had only been turned on sporadically.

Lighting expert Peter Morgenroth said the sparse usage meant the bulb's filaments had lasted far longer than might have been expected.

The bulbs were produced by the Edison and Swan United Electric Light Company, a joint commercial venture of light bulb inventors Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison, who had previously worked on their own separate lighting research and experiments.

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