Isle of Sheppey bus users fear for future of services

Concerns have been raised about the possible closure of a bus depot on the Isle of Sheppey - two years after bus services were cut on the island.

The Campaign for Better Transport has described the area in Kent as one of the most "left-behind neighbourhoods" in the country, with lack of public transport "cutting residents off from the vital services they need".

Now there are worries from some people about further cutbacks to local bus services and the impact that will have.

Resident Sally Boston, 75, said: "I could get a taxi or a cab but it's more money… you go to the pound shop, you don't want to have to spent £6 on a cab."

Bus operator Arriva says it is still committed to serving Kent. Meanwhile, Kent County Council says it is confident a replacement operator will cover any lost services should the bus depot closure go ahead.

Video Journalist: Yetunde Yusuf

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