Bank dispute 'left Kent landlord nothing'

Four years ago, buy-to-let landlord Joan Keeley had a home worth half a million pounds and a property portfolio worth more than a million pounds. Now, after a dispute with her bank, she is living on benefits in a one-bedroomed flat in Gillingham, Kent.

She told BBC South East business correspondent Mark Norman she also owes the former Kent Reliance Building Society more than £300,000.

Her bank, which is now OneSavings Bank and still trades as Kent Reliance, said it could not discuss a specific customer's case, but said in a statement: "As a responsible lender, we make every effort to work with borrowers who experience difficulties and we offer a variety of forbearance methods."

Ms Keeley is now campaigning for a change in the law on the use of specialist receivers.

Her MP Rehman Chishti last week raised the issue in Parliament, and another property landlord David Northrop said hundreds of landlords were having the same problem.

BBC News