Cave house near Kidderminster transformed into luxury retreat.

A 'Fred Flintstone' cave in the heart of the Wyre Forest in Worcestershire has been given a modern makeover and turned into a luxury one-bedroomed retreat.

The work was carried out by Angelo Mastropietro who came across the site near Kidderminster when he sheltered there during a rain storm in 1999.

He bought it at auction for £62,000 in 2010 after seeing it advertised as a 'Fred Flintstone' house, and submitted a planning application to Wyre Forest District Council.

People have lived in The Rockhouse for 800 years but it had been empty since 1962.

For Mr Mastropietro, it's been a two year labour of love. His Italian name he said, means "Master of the Stone."

"It must be in my blood. Well it's certainly in my lungs now," he said.

He gave a tour of his new home to BBC reporter Ben Sidwell.