The Brewery Tap, Worcester - 17.05.12

It wouldn't really be a review at the moment without a mention of the best regular local music venue that is the Brewery Tap in Worcester's Lowesmoor - and the ideal place to try and settle my personal dilemma about the best front-man on the local scene.

And of course foremost in the running has to be the 'Man In White' that is Kit Kinrade of spectacular local rockers Ronin. Now I heartily recommend that you check out their session with us on our website - featuring great numbers like Fly Away and Another Song About Her from their superb debut EP 'Hubris'.

Not the greatest attendance at The Tap tonight either - but Ronin have ambitions for greatness and are doing absolutely the right thing and playing as many venues up and down the country as possible. This is completely the correct way to give yourselves the best chance of being noticed - by networking with as many other bands across the country as is humanly possible.

Now I reckon that both of my contenders have an unfair advantage in that they've got some great numbers under their belt - so that'll probably cancel things out on that front - so cast your vote for best frontman - Declan of Da Vinci - or Kit of Ronin - the decision is yours...

Andy O'Hare

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