The Crown Inn, St John's, Worcester - 24.05.12

Well, an early finish at Boston Tea Party gave me the chance to pop over the river to the Crown Inn in St John's, Worcester for their increasingly regular Thursday night showcase of the best in avant-garde local and visiting outfits.

I caught Worcester/Liverpool duo Americans a few weeks ago at the Brewery Tap in Lowesmoor - they're essentially a drum and synth combo who produce a dazzlingly spectacular festival of audio madness by feeding their outputs repeatedly into loop machines, remixing with various filters and sound effects and then doing the same thing over again - well at least that's what I think they did! What's without doubt, though, is the net result of Jon and Jake's acoustic ramblings is a sound that easily compares with F*** Buttons - the very successful Diego Garcia spin-off of a few years ago - and I reckon this pair could really go all the way in very quick time indeed.

The headliner at the Crown Inn tonight was the bizarrely unique act that is Monsieur Marcaille - a one-man-band from Belgium who delivers a punk/grunge/metal set via a combination of twin kick-drums, vocals and a bowed cello - I kid you not!

Now, I have to say that this chap's semi-naked stage presence and often-disturbing mannerisms might be a bit of a turn-off for all but the most committed - but luckily as I near my dotage I think that I've just about seen everything! But it still took nerves of steel from your roving reporter to overcome the alarming image in front of him - and realise that actually this geezer can produce a completely original sound by forcing the cello to mimic both fuzz guitar and heavy bass. He's a Youtube phenomena - and well worth a google - but definitely caution very much advised...

Andy O'Hare

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