The Two 'n' Eights
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The Pillar Of Salt in Droitwich - 19.05.12

When we think of Droitwich - well just about only one band nowadays comes to mind and this was finally a grand opportunity to see their finest on 'home turf'. But, of course, the whole gig was delayed a tad by an 11-man outfit who secured an amazing and unlikely #1 spot on away turf - I think they also had a chart hit in the 70s with Blue Is The Colour or something like that...

So once the Spurs fans had stopped blubbering - the evening's entertainment at the Pillar Of Salt in Droitwich had a late kick-off with the Two 'n' Eights from Walsall - who are pretty regular giggers around these parts. Now, I have to say that of all of the visiting outfits to our fair area I think that this four-piece have one of the best sets of material in numbers like Lock-In and Misunderstood - but like a load of other outfits going (I won't mention them - but you know who they are) the Two 'n' Eights deliver their completely original set with an Oasis-style look and feel - and the net effect is that of an Oasis tribute outfit with zero Gallagher content except for the vocalist's style of singing. I don't think it'd take a great mind-shift to come up with a uniquely different way of showcasing their own cracking material - and the sooner the Two 'n' Eights cast off the Manc shackles the better.

Of course, originality is what we're about folks - and the oufit that've gone back to pure rock 'n' roll basics, stripped out the best riffs and who always deliver the edgiest but totally memorable bunch of ditties going have to be The Crooked Empire - playing a rare gig in Salt-Town even though frontman Sean lives just around the corner. This is a bit baffling, really, as even with an 11.35pm start the Empire faithful had turned out in their usual droves and were happy to bop the night away to crackers like Baby Bye, Bruises and Days Like These - what a great night!

Andy O'Hare

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