'Revolutionary' 18th century naval ship revealed
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'Revolutionary' 18th Century naval ship to go on display in Poole

Artefacts from one of Britain's most revolutionary warships, HMS Invincible, have been unveiled.

The ship, which was captured from the French in 1747, changed the way the Royal Navy designed ships.

HMS Invincible sank in the Solent in 1758 and was rediscovered by a fisherman in 1979.

A salvage operation began three years ago, and more than 2,000 artefacts have been recovered, including sections of the hull, tobacco pipes and ceramic hair curlers used by officers to curl their wigs.

BBC reporter Duncan Kennedy was given an exclusive first view of the items in Poole before they go on display to the public in 2020.

Reporter: Duncan Kennedy

Filmed and edited by Tim Nicholson

  • 12 Dec 2019
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